My photography is about style combined with an inherent "Swedish" aesthetic, using light, colour and my subject to achieve this. It is also about process, whether through collaborations with a client or my own curiosity to explore the world and ask questions.

Born in Stockholm, I started taking pictures with an old Pentax given to me by a friend of my fathers.
Later I met the Austrian art photographer Otmar Thormann in his studio, and it was his stories and passion about image making that ignited my own interest. I havent looked back.

As well as continuing to shoot for magazines such as FT Magazine, Port, The Saturday Telegraph, Wallpaper, House & Garden and many commercial clients I have since 2011 worked on http://www.theheirloomproject.co.uk.
This personal exploration about the objects we inherit and the stories about them continue to grow.

Recent clients include Folio Society, ANGLO Farringdon, Grace Hotels Santorini, Turkish Airlines, British Land, English Cheese Cake Company, ME Hotel London, Marriott hotels new Park Lane restaurant, Lanes of London, Augentius Fund management, Arbuthnot and Aroma foods.

Last year after over 12 months production saw the publication of Dabbous The Cook Book published by Bloomsbury, early this year we finished work on Oskars Cocktail Cook book published by Frances Lincoln, out this October.